What Animals Will I See?

What Animals Will I See On Safari?

All the animals and birds at Pilanesberg are completely free to roam at large in their natural habitats. Unlike some parks, none are fitted with GPS devices so that they can be tracked; this would inevitably cause concentrations of vehicles and visitors and ruin the adventure experience. Nothing quite beats the excitement of not knowing what might appear around the corner or from behind the next tree and discovering that for yourself.

“It was magnificent – the most surprising and exciting vacation we’ve ever had. Sighting the two leopards at 5am and watching them saunter by our truck at dawn was the highlight, followed closely by the herd of elephant grazing around us and their babies holding tails. Our ranger was indispensable and made the trip.
I will definitely do this again, thank you so much Savannah!” Mrs R and party, 2018

One Week . . .

It’s impossible to predict or guarantee what will be seen and when, but recently, over the course of one week’s safari vacation at Savannah’s lodge, with safari drives on 5 days (including a magical balloon flight over the central lake one morning) guests sighted –

  • 4 out of the ‘Big Five’, including both Black and White Rhinos (although not Cape Buffalo)
  • 20 other major animal species, plus assorted reptiles
  • 7 large birds of prey, including Eagles and Vultures (plus smaller hawks)
  • More than 30 other bird species