Pilanesberg’s Animals

Exceptional Wildlife Encounters


Pilanesberg is located in a transition biosphere midway between the arid Kalahari to the west and the lush Lowveld to the east. The Pilanesberg area is rich in its diversity of habitat and diverse in its unique mix of a range of wildlife and plant life gathered together and not otherwise found living side-by-side. As examples, arid habitat Hyena and Springbok are found together with green habitat Antelope.

The Big Five

These are the largest and most distinctive African animals and are the ones that most Savannah Safari guests want to see first and foremost. The good news is that you stand the very best chance of experiencing all five – Lion, Elephant, Rhinoceros, Leopard and Cape Buffalo.

The Wildlife Ark


Operation Genesis returned Pilanesberg to a pre-agricultural condition and supported and re-introduced many species quite apart from the ‘first division’ Big 5. They are just as exciting and satisfying to encounter as their more glamorous neighbours.