Savannah Creative Safaris

Tremendously visually stimulating, Pilanesberg Wildlife Park inspires creativity and Savannah Lodge is pleased to offer two very special group safari weeks to help fire and capture that creative spark.  These weeks are offered in the South African winter months when the daylight is bright and clear and when, without the summer vegetation, it is easier to see the animals. It is also, conveniently, holiday time in the northern hemisphere.


Pilanesberg has an extensive set of open country and waterside hides distributed throughout the park, providing ideal conditions whatever the season or the time of day. They are also comfortable places to wait however long may be necessary to capture the creature and the moment.  

Expert provided

Each vacation is bespoke tailored to the aspirations and skill level of the group by an experienced wildlife photographer.  Your expert will advise as much or as little, technically or compositionally, as is required. The objective to provide hands-on assistance to help experienced or novice photographers enhance their skills in the particular context of South African wildlife, towards producing their very best work.

Bring your own expert

A ‘hands off’ option available to all safari guests is to include a professional as a member of the party who will take a complete portfolio of images, capturing all the best angles in the best way. Guests can simply sit back and enjoy the view, the animals and the experience. Each member of the group will receive a complete selected and edited photo reel or photo book that distils all the images into the most memorable collection and keepsake of their safari experience.

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Painting and Drawing Safari Weeks

Africa’s powerful scenery and amazing animals have inspired humans to create art – painting, drawing and sculpture – since the dawn of time. Savannah can help you connect into that deeply felt need with safari vacations tailored to the chosen means of expression and proficiency level of the group.

A tutor will spend the week with you, participating in exploration drives as part of the group, helping with sketching, recording and composing, either to create on the spot or to work up back at Savannah Lodge.

Naturally, the chosen medium – for example, watercolour, acrylic, oil, pencil, pen and ink, etc. – must be discussed with us prior to booking. Complementary techniques (for example pencil sketching and water-colour) within one group are possible, but not radically so.

Please enquire about these group only options.